Saturday, May 04, 2013

~ Vote maadi ~

Citizens of Karnataka, do step out & vote tomorrow. Agreed that not every constituency is being contested by candidates you wish to support. However, it is important to cast your vote. 

Those of you who are part of Hebbal constituency please show your support for Sridhar. Why Sridhar Pabbisetty?

  • Educated - MBA from IIM Bangalore, BE Computer Science from Bangalore University has resigned from his coveted post of Chief Operating Officer of the Centre for Public Policy, IIM Bangalore.
  • Aspiring to bring transparency & accountability in a system which is known to pass the buck from pillar to pillar
  • Has keen interest in the public policy which focuses on advancing the research in the areas of inclusive education, enhancing employability, better waste management.

You can read more about his Credentials & Experience

B.PAC has a list of manifestos from all the parties. If you wish to read them check here.

If you want better Bangalore then NOW is the time! Vote maadi

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