Friday, October 24, 2008

~ Quote on Happiness ~

"The state of happiness is directly proportional to the agility factor you have towards the circumstances life throws up @ U"

Monday, October 20, 2008

~ Spokeo: Uncovers your life on the web ~

It has been a month since I posted something here. Have lots to share, but 24 hrs seems to be too less these days. 

Coming back to rationale behind the post, Spokeo, as we need to carry out an integration for an upcoming project. Here is their profile on Crunchbase & they sound an interesting little company.   

~ ~

What do they do?

Spokeo is a friend finder/tracker that automatically brings you friends’ updates across the Web. In technical terms, they are Yet another Social Network Aggregator (YSNA). For more, read this. They do an awesome job of aggregating some of the acclaimed Social Networking sites.

~ Aggregator ~

I happened to sign up with my regular Gmail account and I was surprised @ the number of contacts it aggregated. 

~ Spoked myself ~

The downside is that, it exposes a lot of information about yourself to the others. Even though their privacy policy states,"...finds only publicly available information by default.  In other words, everything on Spokeo could have been seen by you and others all these times."

I still feel it provides an easy access to your vast social activities on the web. Is a potential gold mine, if they share the information to marketing agencies for a throw away price. The invisible guy has been uncovered by Spokeo.