Wednesday, July 25, 2012

~ Switcher to Adopter ~

I became a SWITCHER five years ago, while I was consulting in the UK. Thanks to Rory & Martin, who sold me on OSX & MBP. However, my house-mates thought I was blowing my money on piece of hardware that was nearly 40% more than the Windows equivalent option.

Since then I have had no qualms about moving to OSX. Have enjoyed the stability n features of the operating system, design of hardware & the simplicity n UX of the applications. 

I have been waiting for Apple to refresh their MBP line and eventually they did couple of months ago. I would have upgraded to MBP, but then they introduced MBP RD. Was contemplating whether to upgrade to RD or not. After reading iFixt tear-down of RD, was bit held back.

After speaking to Navneet & Rory, there was no looking back from RD. I have taken a 3 year warranty, in case of any contingency. Thanks to Deepak R, who helped minimize the financial effect on my wallet :)

I eventually got to lay my hands on the MBP RD on Sunday. TBH, I was pleasantly surprised with the form factor. Simply beautiful. My old MBP was twice the size of this and heavy. Of-course Retina Display :) Boy, this one beats all the ultrabooks which are in the market.

After 3 days of usage, there are couple things which I miss as of now:
  • The keys on my earlier MBP were much softer than the latest iteration.
  • Chrome for RD is surely missed. Safari does it's job better for rendering websites. 

Here are some pictures of 2007 MBP against 2012 MBP RD.

If you are looking for more detailed review. Anandtech has a detailed one.