Monday, February 21, 2005


One of my blog-mate has a good converstaion going on one of his blogs, read it. Very diverse opinions about America,it's policies and many other things Static Compost.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Wear Helmet for your safety

Hey guys/gals,

I appeal to all those who ride a 2-wheeler to wear a Helmet while driving your bike. I guess it saved me yesterday when i happened to meet with an accident. The other guy who ramped into me wasn't so luck as he wasn't wearing a helmet and got a deep cut under his eye. Once again my sincere request to all those who use 2 wheelers in Bangalore to wear your helmet while driving even pillion riders.

One more request to all those who drive rashly on horrible Bangalore roads, please care for the others who drive on the road too and make it a safer place.

For those of you who are concerned about my condition nothing really happened to me. No external/internal injuries, i guess my bike needs some attention.

Safe Driving!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

'Sultans of Swing' - Mark Knopfler is coming down

Get ready for this, another music legend Mark Knopfler is gonna rock Bangalore on the 7th of March. I guess this year we are gonna have more Rock concerts than ever before.

Formula 1

There is gonna be much more excitement during this season of Froumal 1. Season starts on March 6 with Melbourne GP. Check them out here.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Feeling like a bird

One of the Sunday's last month we decided to go out for Para-Sailing when our plans to go for a trek to Savandurga failed. Adrenjunky had done this last year, so he suggested us why don't we try it out. We spoke to Rama Harve (who conducts) and were lucky becuase they were conducting it this Sunday. So finally six of us got together and left for Hoskote (it is where they organise) which around 36Kms from Bangalore. It was a birght sunny day with a clear blue sky which was perfect for us to para-sail.

The expereince is really great; The rush you get while you to ascend to the sky and stay off the ground for about 2 minutes is something which i can't express in words. You really feel like a bird when you are up there, there is more peace and less congestion. Now i feel like doing more extreme things in life like White water rafting, Bungee jumping, Reverse bungee, para-gliding,etc. I guess everyone who is an outdoor person living in and around Bangalore should dp this atleast one, it's good experience which u can cherish.

So anyone interested in doing this on a Sunday you can call up Rama Harave on this number 9845196025 and know more about it.

Enjoy! some of the snaps which i shot from my mobile.

Stung by Sting

I am still Stung by Sting's concert from yesterday night. It was truly an amazing performance by String starting with "Brand New day". It wasn't really long though, it just lasted for an hour and 50 minutes. But he still kept the audience entertained with all his hits "Roxanne", "Don't stand so close to me", "Message in a bottle", "Every little thing she does is Magic", "Can't stand losing you", "Every breath your take", "When we Dance", "Fragile", "Desert Rose", "English Man in New York", "Fields of Gold", "Thousand Years", "If you Love somebody set them free", "If i ever lose my faith in you" not necessarily in this order:) and these are the songs i remember. It was really a memorable evening which i guess will stay for a while now. I thank Deepak for this one, because he took me for this concert. Here are few of the snaps i captured from my mobile...