Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Simple Gratitude

Most of us take people or objects for granted. Thats possibly human nature.

I may sound too philosophical through the post. The reason behind this post is due to the following chain of events.

My nephew who happened to be walking towards his home via a playground, got hit by a ball over the left eye. He fell & was shaken for sometime. He didn't inform anyone @ home; luckily one of his school friend's dad noticed him fallen & took him to hospital. My cousin (his Aunt) who is a doctor did the necessary phone calls so that proper treatment is provided. I only got to know about this over the weekend.

For a young kid his age or rather anyone, eyes are very essential and important. Eyes are something which we use to process most of the events around us daily. Even though there has been improvement over the last 4 days, he is still very concerned about what what would happen to his eye or vision. I feel for him & wish he recover soon.

In the morning happened to read today's Speaking Tree section in TOI from OSHO, "...

Hearing someone, if you feel there is truth, you simply disappear in that moment. You are not, truth is. Whenever there is something of the beyond, you are not; you have to make space for it. You are only when there is misery, when there is a lie, when there is something wrong. You are only when the shoe does not fit.

When the shoe fits perfectly, you are not. Then you forget the feet, you forget the shoe. When there is no headache there is no head. If you want to feel your head, you will need a headache; that is the only way.

The farther away you go from nature, the farther you are from happiness."

In the evening happened to stumble on this beautiful & meaningful video of TEDx event by Louie Schwartzberg on the subject called "Gratitude"

Feel living in the moments and appreciating simple things give way to a joyful contented life. Live it and be grateful for the life around you every single day :)