Saturday, February 23, 2008

~ Guinness in Bangalore ~

Last friday when I joined rags @ Haze, Kormangala, I was pleasantly surprised to see Rags consuming Guinness. Atleast the last time while I was there, a year ago, I could get only lager. When we managed to settled down, I ordered a can as well. Both of us are big on Ale & Guinness; I got to taste whole family of Ale and Guinness was my favorite beer for the time spent in the UK. We were wishing that one day, Guinness would be served chilled from a tap. Rags wasn't too optimistic about that idea.

After a while, couple of my colleagues from the company happened to drop. One of them said, "You must be crazy enough to be having Guinness here as well". I said am very surprised & excited to see it available here. Then he mentioned the price, my jaws just dropped. Rags hadn't bothered to look at the price before ordering his can, neither did I when I joined him. Guess what would be the price for a 330 ml can of Guinness?................450 Rupees/$11.25/£5.62.......when i mentioned the same to Rags, he couldn't believe it either. We thot it was astronomical price for a 330ml can of Guinness. I could have brought a 5 cans of Guinness in the UK. Rags echoed the same, that he could buy the same quantity in the US. Well after gulping a can each, we weren't crazy to repeat another one.

So next time if you plan to buy Guinness in Bangalore, drink responsibly :)