Saturday, May 25, 2013

~ Justice is mirage ~

After watching this interview of Chitra Subramaniam by Madhu Trehan, feel that in India all political parties have played their dirty role & no one wants to get to the bottom of the Bofors scam. There have been 3 different Political parties who have formed Government at the Central apart from Congress, since the BoforsGate. We have never seen Iron will from even one Govt to go after the guilty & corrupt and deliver justice.

Another observation is the fact, which both discuss during the start of the interview. Back in time there wasn't jealousy among the peers, when a journalist broke something significant. However, now we some of the hard talking journos who collude with the political parties for their own gain. Even though Chitra Subramaniam broke the news of Bofors in her early days of her career & she still has her feet grounded.

In contrast with the BoforsGate, the IPL SpotFixing scandal is minuscule. Do you think we will see any justice being delivered in India for crimes where politicians are involved cutting across party lines?

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