Thursday, May 30, 2013

~ Upgrade OS, to use latest browser ? ~

A random trivial office conversation in the evening related to browsers made us realise that one needs upgrade OS {if you are running Microsoft Operating System} to use Microsoft's latest browser offering i.e. IE 10.

But, MSFT offers a compatible version of IE 10 for Users who aren't on Windows 8 ;)

Guess what, it is the same with Apple too. Safari 6 comes integrated with OSX Mountain Lion. One cannot download Safari 6 for previous versions of OSX. 

Isn't that just BIZARRE? One needs to upgrade their Operatin System {OS} to use latest browser release. What could be the possible reasons:  
  1. Consumers are forced to upgrade to latest OS; which brings in more money for them
  2. They don't want to invest time & resources to support the latest features for older browsers versions

However, other popular browsers - Chrome, Firefox, Opera - do not have such limitations.

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