Saturday, March 05, 2016

~ Killing time in Bangalore traffic ~

I lose (spend) 3 hours of my day in Bangalore traffic. That's significant amount of time for me. Here are some ways I kill (utilise) time while commuting in office shuttle. 

  1. Read a book - kindle fits the need
  2. Listen to music - if I need to relax
  3. Talk to friends - helps me keep connected with friends regularly.
  4. Twitter - mostly evenings
  5. Sleep - if too tired
  6. Youtube Offline - Dev Talks, TED, Documentaries, John Oliver, NewsLaundry, etc
  7. News / Blogs - Mostly aggregate content on Pocket. 
    1. Pocket - really cool app if you are an avid reader. 
    2. Medium, has some great content too.

If you are an urban commuter in Bangalore or elsewhere, who happens to spend gruelling hours travelling in traffic then I would like to know how do you kill your time?