Sunday, April 22, 2012

~ Bringing awareness to self-indulgence ~

I finally managed to complete the movie 'Barah Aana'. Nothing great about the story line. A simple story which revolves around 3 people who go by their day- to-day life. Depicts human emotions, short comings, economic imbalance, governance, self-respect & how the M factor drives the world.

I loved the message at the end - "What do you need to survive in this world? Two meals, shelter, pair of clothes & respect. Little Respect" Watch the clip here.

The message got me thinking. Once you have the basic necessities for living - food, shelter, clothe & respect, one can afford to think of achieving or doing something else in life. Everything else comes later. Money is such an essential commodity in the present world which decides many situations in our lives. 

Many of us have a decent job & steady income and get on with our life without much worry for the necessities. Then there are those, who are struggle to meet the ends for basic necessities. 

Looking back at the past 4 years, I have been operating on the lines of materialism. Somehow there is never an end to the affinity towards certain materialistic world. There is never an end for your desires. However, one can strive towards being contented in the materialistic world and stay grounded.

The movie has definitely brought some amount of awareness & sense in my materialistic indulgence. The next step is to apply it while staying in the world capital of Materialism i.e. United States of America.

Completed a month in the US as of today ;)