Thursday, July 26, 2007

Interesting Quote

Terrorism is war by the poor, and war is terrorism by the rich
— Peter Ustinov

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Uncoiling with Lacuna Coil

It has been quite a while since I tried some new music. Last weekend, while syncing my iPod with my new babe (a.k.a MBP) noticed that there were few MP3s copied from Rags sometime last year, which had gone unnoticed by me. There were songs from 3 artistes - Amorphis, Lacuna Coil & The Agony Scene - I decided to start with Lacuna Coil.

Did a digg on my favorite music site, on Lacuna Coil to know more about the artist, here is wee info about Lacuna Coil....

"Lacuna Coil is an Italian gothic metal band formed in Milan, Italy, in 1996. The name means an "empty spiral". They were formerly known as Sleep of Right and Ethereal, counting various musical influences as doom metal and progressive metal."

As always, began experimenting with their music. After listening to most of the tracks from their albums - Karma Code, Comalies, In a Reverie, Unleashed Memories - happened to like the following:

  • Purify
  • To live is to hide
  • Our truth
  • Enjoy the silence (personal fav)
  • Closer
  • Within me
  • Fragile
  • To myself i turned
  • Heaven's a lie
  • Unspoken

If you haven't hit their home page yet, Lacuna Coil like few other metal bands [Arch Enemy, Evanescence] has a female lead vocalist, Cristina Scabbia. It's a pleasure listening to her voice & her looks would be enviable to any women. If you wanna try them, then you should be heading here to watch some high quality videos.

As for Amorphis and The Agony Scene, I haven't given them a try yet. Would give my 2cents once I listen to them. So, till then uncoil yourself to some good music from Lacuna Coil.

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Monday, July 09, 2007


The wait is finally over, my macbookpro arrived few minutes back. I haven't yet opened the parcel yet. Waiting for lunch hour to unpack and see it. 2 hours to go.

I have switched for the best!

Goodbye Microsoft.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Apple blunder?

I have been anxiously waiting for my MBP (MacBookPro) from 21st June. Today when I hit Apple bridge-point for tracking my order status, here is what I didn't expect from Apple....just check the snapshot.

Did u spot the blunder?
If you haven't then go back and check the Date mentioned against 'Estimated Delivery Date', it says '04 Jul 2007 (Subject to change)'. Wonder if anyone can go back in time? I am not the lonly soul who has experienced this, check out Bri Guest's second comment on the apecode forum.

Hope there won't be such blunders with their 'Time Machine'