Sunday, October 31, 2004

World of Blogging

Well its been over 4 months now that i have been blogging and i have had my fair share of it. I have enjoyed and also happen to have lots of friends through blogging. I hope many will agree with this one, that blogging was the next big thing that happened to many. Blogging has many good things, its free and easy, there are no rules for blogging, u have all the freedom in the world to air your thought about any god damn thing on earth. You can also start communities under a blogspace.

I never knew that so many people in Bangalore and in India who regularly blog. To be frank i have come across blogs which have been designed very well and some people are really good at writing. I wonder sometimes that out there, we have got so many potentially writers in India who never follow their dreams. But i am happy that many of them atleast have their namespace of there own on this world wide web and are making use of this new concept.

For all my friends and people who are new to the world of blogging and have been hitting my blog here a quick one on defintion of Blog and all its terminology.

Blog: A blog is basically a journal that is available on the web. You also call it web blog.
Blogging: The activity of updating a blog is "blogging".
Blogger: Someone who keeps a blog is a "blogger."

Now if u are thinking of starting to blog then all u got to do is hit this url Blogger or there are some more sites which can seacrh for but i feel this is easy.

There are lot many utility tools you would like to had to your blog like site counter which ticks for every visitor who hits your blog, a tracer, chat board, and stuff like that then here are few links for that.

WebPortal for blogs
Blog Track
Indian Bloggers @Blogstreet

But there is something that has happened to me and i guess it has happened to some of my fellow bloggers too. Sometimes i just hit a random blog and then it so happens that i end
up reading so many blogs for the next 3 hrs and never realise that so much of time has been passed by. Sometimes it can get u addicted, that's the only word of caution i have for people who are planning to hit a blog.

Happy Blogging!!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Operation Cocoon

The Operation Cocoon ended the lives of Verrapan and his men which spanned over 30 years in the deep forests of Karnataka and TamilNadu. May be the Operation Cocoon was well planned by the STF(Special Task Force) of both the states and well executed.

But as i see they could have captured him alive. To decieve Verrapan lot of planning has been done, there is no denial on that. But the way other international intelligence agenices have handled major hostages situtaions like those that occured in Russia, where the Russian military used gas as an agent to neutralise the terrorists, our STF too could have done something similar and captured Veerappan and his men alive. Here in this case it wasn't even an hostage crisis as veerappan was being trapped so it would have been lot easier. A week has gone by and no one is still aware who gave the orders to STF to go for the kill.

As former cop Sangliana echoed his thoughts,"Many skeletons have been locked in the cupboard, after the killing of Verrapan". Even i wanted him to captured alive beacuse i wanted to know how many of the politicians were involved with him. I say that because he has killed nearly 2000 elephants, cut down sandalwood trees which have run into crores of Rupees.I am not exaggerating the stats, u check them for yourself here.

Well what happened to all the money and how did he smuggle the tusks and the sandal wood outside and to whom did he sell? All these questions could have been answered only by Veerappan himself if he was caught alive. Well i am happy with the out come of Operation Cocoon. But, it would have been better if he was caught alive for all the atrocities he has committed all these years.

Anyways the terror has ended for good, but the mystery remains unsolved.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Vocabulary GENIUS

I believe the person who wrote this sentence must be a vocabulary GENIUS.

Why, you'll soon find out!!!!!

Read the sentence below carefully:

"I do not know where family doctors acquired illegibly perplexing handwriting nevertheless, extraordinary pharmaceutical intellectuality counterbalancing indecipherability, transcendentalizes intercommunications' incomprehensibleness".

This is a sentence where the Nth word is N letters long. e.g. 3rdword is 3 letters long, 8th word is 8 letters long and so on.

Now don't you think that the person who wrote this sentence is a Vocabulary GENIUS?

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Rest In Peace B11............

Guys me, rags and couple of my friends had been to B11 our usual Hangout today. Well we missed you there, but let me tell u that it was good that u never made it to that place. Hey puttu & Max, the place we thought played the best ROCK music or rather played music which we always loved, no longer plays the kind of music we like. The place now only plays slow Rock or those which we have never heard before. Basically they are playing Purple Haze kind of muzic.

When myself and Rags asked the DJ (this time there was this new guy who was playing the music by the name Jerry, never heard of him before) to play some kind of Rock, he says we are trying something different, and we are warming for the night. Then we finally met Eshwar but he too sings the same tune. By the way Puttu, i told him about you, that u miss partying in Bangalore and that we have created a group called B11Gang and he was cool guys!.

Then he(Eshwar) started acting crazy while he was playing muzic, B'coz some guyz started whistling and he said he is not gonna play music if it repeats again. He says we are not supposed to whistle in a place which plays Rock music, whay rot is he giving the people. For the first time i have heard a DJ trying to act like a principle or deam of a school trying to bring discipline among the rockers. What a joke :D:D:D LOL?

We have always travelled to the other part of the city only for the kind of music B11 played, Guess its time we go back to STYX which plays our kind of music.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

People have finally awakened

Well the headlines of Times of India,Bangalore Editon read like this "Bannerghatta Road drives IIM-B students to streets". This is what i have been telling my friends over the weekend, that people one day will get sick of govenrments who come and go and do nothing for the welfare of the people and they will go for streets. This is exactly what happened on Monday 4th Oct 2004, people who stay or use the Bannerghatta road have run out of patience in using the roads and decided that they have had enough of it and protested by blocking the road.

This road houses some of the large IT companies who have their Indian operations, also the famous IIMB (Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore) and a National park. Well this is just the start, we will get to see a lot of such kind of protests from the people who live in different pasrts of city. I guess the next protest would be in Kormangala were the roads are at its worst.

This time i am writing the thougts of many people whom i have come across daily. Every one is unhappy about roads and the infrastructre in general which is avialable in this city. Yesterday one of my close friend and colleague from PUNE who always boast about his city got another chance to crib about Bangalore, that he had to wait for 45 minutes for the particular bus and it took another 35 minutes for his journey. Well i am tired of this useless defending of my city, while those people who are in power aren't doing anything about it.

Well if the government is listening to people, it would be better for them to act or else they will finally meet peoples wrath.

What does Freedom in particular and Democracy in general actually mean to us?

Well last saturday when i met friends i was telling them how i felt like leaving this city and country for good. I have always loved this beautiful city of mine called Bangalore. But with the second boom of IT happening currently which the city is witnessing, it is unable to handle the amount of people who are coming here everyday. Someone told me an average of 1500 people come to this city(p.s. i have no source to prove this data).

Well with so much of influx into the city; city which has lacked planning and above all the bad governance at the state to provide the city with basic amenities like good roads, no decent public transport will cause Bangalore to loose all its pride.

I was telling my friends look at how Shanghai the fastest growing city in China has been coping with incereasing demands and they are able to provide the infrastructre, and on the other hand India's fastest growing city Bangalore is crumbling due to the lack of governance. Well they started defending by saying that China is communist and the people have no Freedom of expression; they also told me that people don't even have the right to choose thier jobs and that they are harassed to work for long working hours. I don't know if what my friends said is true, someone who has been to China can cofirm this to us.

All i can i say is India has been a democratic Country for many years no doubt on that. We have got the freedom to expression in our own Indian way, i can quote this blog i am writing as an example for my freedom of expressing my thoughts. But we Indians have always taken freedom for granted i guess and misused it in every posssible way.

Does Freedom/Democracy to us mean any of the following things:
  • We have every right to dirty our roads by littering, spitting where ever we go?
  • We can drive/ride our vehicles the way we want to without caring for others?
  • We pay bribe to get away from cops when caught for drunken driving or break any law for that matter?
  • The government doesn't need to provide good infrastructure?

Well this was enough to silence my friends, the recent decisions taken by our very own Kannada Film Industry to postpone the screening of all the non-kannada movies by 7 weeks, which is not even endorsed by the State Government; well is this called freedom of expression?

While we take the pride of saying we are living in a democratic nation, is it really making so much of a difference between a communist and a democratic nation?

I feel ashamed to say this being an Indian, but the virus called corruption has infected every section of our society and lack of governance at both Centre and State has made me feel that it would have been better if British had ruled this land for some more years. Atleast then the country would have remained united, we would have better infrastructre & growth and above all free from corruption.

Well i know many of us feel that way but we never tell it out.