Wednesday, May 08, 2013

~ End of Fergie Era ~

Image: BBC

Like many other, Fergie era has come to an end in the year 2013. Even though I dislike MUFC, have a lot of respect Sir Alex for what he has achieved for the club & EPL in general. Don't think there will be another manager of this caliber to rule MUFC or another English club in a long time. Not to discredit from Mr Professor

It would be interesting to see who will be appointed as Manager @ MUFC & also how would MUFC perform without Fergie. Will there be void due to Fergie's departure? Only time shall tell. 

Am very sure that Fergie will still be part of MUFC as a Director or something more significant. Hope SAF recovers from his hip surgery, which he is slated to undergo soon. Wish him luck &  life.

Am happy that we won't be having Fergie Time anymore in EPL ;)

H/T: BBC Sport

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