Wednesday, May 15, 2013

~ One Camera. One Lens ~

I have been shooting with D7000 DSLR from Aug 2011 with one lens { 18-200mm }. Today, was watching the latest episode from DRTV & their task of visiting 10 locations in 2 days across London.

Kai has some interesting advice & I feel thats a very good experiment which a photographer should try at some point of time. Transcribed the following from the video ;)

"Travel around with just the bare essentials. It has made one realise that one doesn't need much more than your basic gear. But more importantly choice is what suits you. The best gear is something which rely on & also which makes your shooting comfortable and convenient. 
Try it next time when you go on a trip. Just pick one camera & one lens, you might enjoy working to get that shot rather than working to carry that gear."

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