Sunday, May 05, 2013

~ Offline Paul ~

Also known as Paul Miller. Mr Paul embarked on a year long journey to be disconnected from the digital world. It would be hard for a person like him to go offline for 12 months without internet.
I'd used the internet constantly since I was twelve, and as my livelihood since I was fourteen. I'd gone from paperboy, to web designer, to technology writer in under a decade.
In Information age, it is quite hard & takes a lot of effort to stay in-sync with rest of the world without Internet. At least to those of us who are constantly consuming endless data from various streams. My parents on the other hand  contradict me, they don't use or need internet for any of their daily chores. However, I do require it for my profession. Outside of work it is more or less for social communication, reading, consuming news, occasional shopping, watching videos & nothing beyond.

Here are some of the thoughts which I liked from Paul's first post after coming online - I’m still here: back online after a year without the internet

"Internet is reprogramming our relationships, our emotions, and our sensitivity," said one of the rabbis at the rally. It destroys our patience. It turns kids into "click vegetables."
As my head uncluttered, my attention span expanded.
By pulling away from the echo chamber of internet culture, I found my ideas branching out in new directions.
It turns out paper books are really great. I don't comparison shop to buy plane tickets, I just call Delta and take what they offer.
In fact, most things I was learning could be realized with or without an internet connection — you don't need to go on a yearlong internet fast to realize your sister has feelings.
The moral choices aren't very different without the internet.
There's a lot of "reality" in the virtual, and a lot of "virtual" in our reality - Nathan Jurgenson
What I do know is that I can't blame the internet, or any circumstance, for my problems.
The longest I have remained offline in the last 3 years, the farthest my memory can be stretched, is about 3 days ;) How long have you remained offline?

Here is an interesting poster which I came across recently.

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