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~ No water ~

A month ago there was an article on FirstPost which became the talking point for many at my workplace. Eventually, I wrote a lengthy post on the same subject which I had been following for more than 5 years. H2O is an essential entity for sustenance of all the living species - flora & fauna.

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From then to now, the Summer hasn't been that hot in Bangalore. However, the place I live in hasn't had water supply for 5 days now. For the first time, I have seen water tankers ferrying water to homes in the neighbourhood. Unlike the New Bangalore or Greater Bangalore areas which do not have water supply from BWSSB & depend on private water supply. Sourcing water from private operator isn't common around this part of town, where we are used to constant flow of Cauvery water for the past 25+ years. The situation is alarming and should be cause of concern for all of us who are living in the city. 

Sample some of the news from TOI this week,
The storage as on Wednesday will ensure that taps in Bangalore and Mysore don't go dry for 8-10 days, sources told The Times of India. If by then there's no rain, the situation could turn grim. Reason: There are no preparations made to use water classified as 'dead storage' in irrigation parlance. "We can use that water. But we require heavy duty pumps to get the water to flow out. These are made-to-order pumps and require at least 45 days to put the infrastructure in place. No homework has been done on this front, and now, there's no time," sources explained.
According to the above source both the cities, Mysore & Bangalore, are at risk. 

The crisis, in fact, is already on the doorsteps of Mysore city. The pumping station at Hongahalli remained switched off till Tuesday. The Hongahalli pumping station, which draws water for Mysore, cannot draw water from the KRS, as the storage level remained as low as 39 inches, Venkatraju revealed. He said only further release of water from Hemavathy can get this pumping station resume.
The only source of water for Bangalore city other than the Cauvery river, the Tippagondanahalli (TG Halli) reservoir too is in no state to come to the city's rescue. Though moderate pre-monsoon showers are pushing up water level in Tippagondanahalli (TG Halli) dam up to 11 feet, due to rapid evaporation water level is receding to five feet, making any pumping of water impossible. BWSSB stopped drawing water from TG since November. More here
If the ground reality at the dams are that bad. Not sure what plans does our newly elected Chief Minister have up his sleeve to solve {or avert} water crisis.

One cannot have a quick-fix solution for such a problem. There needs to be planning, co-ordination & execution from various departments. Am not aware if we have any such Department or Ministry related to Town / City / Urban planning that does any work for holistic growth of our city. Bangalore has expanded very rapidly in the last 8 years & continues to do. When BWSSB can't plan & provide water for the existing areas under their jurisdiction. It shall only remain a distinct dream for all those new townships and gated communities that are mushrooming around the Old Bangalore. 

We may not have war between Mysore & Bangalore in the coming weeks. But those of you investing Crores of rupees in properties, do check if you will have sufficient water in the years to come.

Also, conservation of water doesn't happen over a festival or an IPL tournament. One gotta save every drop everyday. Good Night!

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