Friday, March 14, 2008

~ Rock in India ~

The day has finally arrived where I get to witness the first performance of an international thrash metal band in Bangalore, India. Didn't fancy any of the international bands performing in India or Bangalore in particular, couple of years ago. The stage seems to have changed after Iron Maiden's initial gig in Bangalore last year and as paved way to the entry of Megadeth - 'Big Four of Thrash'. Billed as the first rock festival of its kind in India, 'Rock in India' has a line up of 9 bands featuring Megadeth, Machine Head and more local bands.

I am not sure of how much of a festival atmosphere I can find over there. But I hope Megadeth's performance would be a good, despite Chris Broderick replacing Glen Drover on the guitars two months ago.

We owe a lot to DNA Networks for bringing these bands and holding the performances in namma Bengaluru.

My reviews shall follow.....lets meet @ the fest!

Image: Screen grab from DNA Networks.