Monday, March 16, 2009

~ Death ~

Death is beautiful, in its own way, when it is natural. It is one of those states which empties you, where all your emotions reach a state where you have nothing more to express. The state, where you have nothing left to express, the final expression of life! The state of rest.

Death is personal, which you carry for yourself. It teaches you the state of nothingness and completeness. Yes, it teaches both. Nothingness, meaning where there is nothing left inside you to express. Completeness, is something where you have expressed in all possible ways during your life.

Every passing moment each one of us is dying and at the same time living. We live our lives with so much of attachment or possessiveness to the materialistic things which has been created by one self. Death, probably is the best teacher of detachment towards in every aspect & sense. It tells us again that nothing last forever; don't cling on to them, just be a part of it & enjoy what you have. Live every moment to the fullest, thats when you begin to appreciate life and the joy of living.

If you are saving your - emotions, feelings, wishes, desires, money - thinking that the road to happiness lies in tomorrow then you are wrong. Because Death, my friend, never waits for anyone. So does life, it never waits either. Don't postpone your living, learn to celebrate your moment & live it to the max. Only the moment is real, here and now.

I may have not experienced death, but have been witness to it for quite a while. It has thought me much about life, than life itself. That's how close the two worlds, life & death, are. They aren't separate, rather they go hand in hand. Each one giving meaning to the other, without which we would have failed to celebrate the moment.

At this moment, for me, death is the culmination of a journey of oneself after the various phases of life. Celebrate life & honor your death.

This post is dedicated to my grandmother (Mother's mom) who passed away due to a cardiac arrest @ 1:30 am today.

Dear Grandmother,

You have been a great woman, that I have known and come across. Your life has been & will remain an example for the rest of my life. Your warmth and un-conditional love will be missed. You made me a better man. Thank you, I adore you and will miss you forever.