Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Was Asian Tsunami triggered? Trying to find the truth - Part II

I rather found even more interesting article this morning and it leaves me more puzzeled. It even says that our own Indian Government was aware of the entire thing. I don't know how Joe Vialls (the person who has written the article) managed to collect so much of classified information on US military in the Indian Ocean region pre and post Tsunami. But i must admit i am really impressed with the article, which throws light on so many other topics which i wasn't even aware of. But my search for the truth still goes on...

Monday, March 14, 2005

Was Asian Tsunami triggered? Trying to find the truth.

Yesterday night one of my friend said that The Asian Tsunami was an artificial one which means it was triggered. I could not believe that initally and we were still debating over it the whole night. Then my friend says there is a technology through which you can trigger such natural disasters too and it is called HAARP - High-frequency Active Aural Research Program. I guess by now you should have thought who is the master of this technology, if you didn't get it right it is US of A.

When i asked my friend for more details on this he asked me to do bit of R&D on that. So after spending sometime on the internet, i found that many of them have aired their views on this future technology and how it could be used for warfares; Some view this as another conspiracy against US of A, but i am realy confused at the end of the day. Everyday as the technology gets more sophisticated and advanced, the world is getting more complex to understand.

End of the day Technology is a "Double-Edged" sword it can be used for the good as well as bad. So it all depeneds on how one wants to use it and in whose hands it lies.

The other day while i was airing my opinions on my friends blog on Pentagon strike (during 9/11), this guy misunderstood my opinions and accuses me of spreading conspiracy theory. I am not taking sides this time either, but rather i am searching for the truth.

Here are few URLs on

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3) About Diego Garcia
Diego Garcia
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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Joe Satriani is gonna be the next guitarist to tour India.

Hey Guy/Gals, here is the latest news of who will be coming down to India next. It will be none other than Joe Satriani. Check out his site. No much details about his Indian tour, but i am just hoping that he will perform in Bangalore.

I am already exicted about it.

Things we do for kicks

Here is a summary of what we have been doing off late. Even I have enrolled for an MBA in IT with MAHE along with Rags. Rags you forgot to mention about the trek to Chembra and Mark Knopfler concert which we went early this week.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Ready to swing with the Sultans!!!

I am all set to swing with the Sultan(s) of Swing in another hour from now, waiting to go for the concert eagerly;).

Friday, March 04, 2005


I really enjoyed watching this clip. Wait for a few minutes till the TV anchors stop, then's the fun !. I hope no animals were hurt in anyway during filiming this clip.