Friday, May 27, 2005

Are you a Firefox user?

If you are not a Firefox user then i guess u are loosing many features which are not available on IE or any other browser. So i feel it's the right time to make the transition to Firefox.

Wanna download Firefox version 1.0.4 now ? Then, click here.

To know more features which comes with Friefox check out here.

Liverpool - Champions of European Soccer

As they say anything can happen in football till the last second of the game, that is what happened in the Champions League final @ Istanbul when Red Devils Liverpool FC from England took on Italian giants AC Milan on 26 May'05.

I was supporting Liverpool and was eagerly waiting for action to kick start @ 00:30hrs India time. AC Milan drew the first blood when captain Paolo Maldini scored the first goal in the first minute. Then the Argentine striker Crespo scores 2 goals within a span of 5 minutes just before halftime to take 3-0 lead over Liverpool. I was very disappointed and thought that Liverpool would never strike 4 goals to win 2005 Champions league. By 1:20 am i hit the bed thinking about the performance of Liverpool in the finals.

In the morning, when i saw the news on TV i was really surprised to know that the Reds had won 2005 Champions League and this was their fifth Champions League Cup. So yesterday night i watched the complete match on highlights. It was the best ever come back by any team with 3-0 down during half-time, to win the Champions League cup. A lot of credit must go to the manager Rafael Benitez who has come up with some of the best plans when playing against the top Eurpoean clubs. It was a truly team effort from the goalie, defenders, midfielders and the strikers to get the best result.

Till the next League Cup's final, Liverpool FC would remain the Champions of Eurpoean Soccer.

For more picture by picture summary click here

Friday, May 20, 2005

FA Cup Finals

All you soccer fans out there, tomorrow is the FA cup Finals. And i bet u don't wanna miss this match, it is Arsenal the runner's up of EPL league against Manchester United the 3rd place in EPL this season. I am sure there will lot of excitement and fire between the 2 teams.

It's obvious i am supporting Arsenal. Way to go guys!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2005

The Secret Art of Managing your BOSS

The other day when i was using stumble, i came across this interesting site where the author shares some of the interesting thoughts on the Secret Art of Manging your BOSS. I found it very helpful in understanding my Boss after reading the series of 4 parts.

I hope u enjoy them as well:).

The Secret Art of Managing Your Boss, part 1

The Secret Art of Managing Your Boss, part 2

The Secret Art of Managing Your Boss, part 3

The Secret Art of Managing Your Boss, part 4

Joe Satriani - The Guru of Guitar

It was one of the best concerts i have attended so far and the genre was purely rock. I have never really listened to much of Jimi Hendrix to compare Joe's performance as Jimi is considered the God of guitar. But i feel Joe is the Guru of Guitar as he has breeded some of the best guitarist.

Joe played most of his popular numbers and kept the crowd craving for more and more. What really amazed me was that during the entire concert never did Joe take a break, he played continuosly apart from the breathers between the songs. As far as the solos he performed, i feel there are no words to describe them, it was truly enchanting.

Overall a wonderful show. I hope the organisers get some more Rock groups to perform in Bangalore.

What's the M:F ratio @ u'r workplace?

A quick poll, What is the Male:Female Ratio @ your workplace? Also do u feel is it necessary to have some kind of balance?

@ my workplace the M:F ratio = 5:1. I feel it needs to be improved, atleast in that way it will bring some kind of life in the team & lift our spirits;).

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Bangalore's First International Marathon

Less than 24 hours to go for the first ever Bangalore International Marathon. I am all excited even though i won't be running this time. So all those ppl who are participating in the event good luck!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Breaking News -- Joe Satriani will be performing in India.

Finally 'Satch' - Joe Satriani is coming to India and he will be performing at various cities across India. He will be performing in Bangalore on May 17 2005, i am all excited about it and will catch u there.

For further details follow any of these links,
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Monday, May 09, 2005

A look @ Real Estate in Bangalore

Real Estate in Bangalore is really hot right now. Yesterday myself, cousin and another friend went along with an Agent from one of the Developers looking for a decent property were we could invest. I am still undecided on whether to invest or not, but still accompanied my cousin and a friend. The prices are at an all time high @ any part of the city whether it is around the Proposed International Airport or near ITPL/Whitefield or extended parts of JP Nagar. After visiting 3 different locations we did like one property near Yelhanka, we are still negotiating the prices with the developer. One thing is for sure that all the major developers & builders are having good time in Bangalore & Bangalore is surely growing.

Soccer Unlimited!

Over the past week, some really interesting games have taken place. This is post for all my soccer crazy friends who are not able to keep catch the glimpse of The Champions League or The English Premier League(EPL) or The Italian Seriea or The Spanish League.

Let me begin with my favorite league i.e the English Premier League. This season even though my favorite team Arsenal have scored the highest number of goals and defeated Liverpool yesterday at Highbury. They still have to be satisfied with the runners-up position; who automatically get qualified for next season's Champions League. By defeating Liverpool yesterday they have allowed Everton the 4th spot in EPL and damped the hopes of this years Champions League finalist Liverpool for the next season in Champions League.

Chelsea second favorite team in EPL won their EPL title after a gap of 50yrs this Saturday by defeating Charlton Athletic under their new Manager Jose Mourinho and new Owner Roman Abramovich.

Manchester United had to settle for a 1-1 draw with West Brom.

Spanish League:

Spanish giants Real Madrid beat Santander 5-0 on Saturday with some hopes to catch FC Barcelona which tops Spanish League presently. I guess la legue is getting interesting at the season end.

Italian Sereia:

I couldn't catch this match though, Juventus my favorite club in the Italian league beat AC Milan finalists in this years Champions League, to lead the Italian Sereia.

Champions League:

Both the Second leg semifinal matches lived upto the expectations. The match between the EPL winners Chelsea Vs Liverpool was truly a great one. Chelsea who usually plays the attacking game didn't play upto their expectations. It was Liverpool's striker Garcia who struck early by scoring their solitary goal and defended brilliantly till the end. The match was finally won by Liverpool with 1-0 score line.

The second match AC Milan Vs PSV Eindhoven was more interesting. Even though PSV Eindhoven won the second leg match against AC Milan 3-1, the Italian giants moved to the finals to face Liverpool @ Istanbul, Turkey due to an away goal rule.

So all the soccer fans be ready for the Champions League Final on May 25th at Istanbul, Turkey. I would be supporting Liverpool.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

World of Blogging

Well i wanted to leave a comment on one of my friend's recent post called " what's the big hoo-haa?? ", but then i had lot more to say than just leave a line so thought of blogging it;).

I started blogging in the month of July 2004 just for the heck of it. As time passed by, i made it a medium to voice my thoughts and opinions on vast topics. I have been blogging on music, events in the city, sports, politics, meeting different people, On Bangalore City. Now i even have a separate blog for my favorite passtime Photography and another blog just on technology and gadgets.

Blogging has brought the world around me lot more closer & also happened to forge virtual-friendships. I have come across some interesting people from different continents, which wouldn't have happened without blogging.

Internet brings freedom to cross the boundaries just by sitting in our rooms, it has a lot of pros and cons which can be debated. It's the same with blogging or for that matter Technology in general, it can be used or absued. So it all depends on the nature of a person how best to make use of the technology. It can be used both for and against any cause or purpose. Ther is this blog called "I Hate My Flatmate" which i came across last month which has made headlines on some of the major Newspapers in the world, here the flat mate has made use of blogging as a medium to express his/her thoughts about the daily habits which irritated that person.

I have come across blogs written by high school kids, technology geeks, Techincal writers, Architects, Social organisations, Poets, Doctors, Engineers, Escorts, Fashion Designers, Single Mothers, for that matter people from all wlaks of life are blgging on diverse subjects. Now even IT organisations have blogs on their website and encourage their staff to blog. I feel Blogging is an open-medium for expressions one's thoughts, opinions & feelings. As i said before it can be used or abused like any other technology, its all lies with the person on how to make use of it.