Wednesday, March 06, 2013

~ Unusual José Mourinho ~

José Mourinho's behavior or character seem to have changed after yesterday's win at Old Trafford  He was seen comforting Sir Alex when Red Card was shown to Nani. Then during the post-match talk, he said, "The best team lost". 

He even went to say that Real Madrid didn't deserve to win. Real would have at the very least equalized even if Nani was on the field & taking the game to extra time. The outcome might have been different if the game had spilled into extra time. Being the man he is, who cares less about reporters or those who run the club. It is quite suspecting to see him talk differently. Not sure what he is up to.

Read this article - Mourinho defends decision to bench Rooney. He even defends or agrees with SAF decision to bench Rooney.

  1. Is he being humble & modest coveing his usual arrogance
  2. Is he desperately looking to replace #SAF next season at #MUFC
Your thoughts on José?

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