Friday, March 08, 2013

~ The Special One ~

Quite unusual for me to be writing posts on football this week. May be its the season of Champions League fixtures & the Gunners defeat at NLD.

You might like him or hate him, but can't ignore "The Special One" a.k.a José Mourinho. 

  1. Has won Leagues cups in four different counties - Portugal, England, Italy & Spain
  2. Has won an European Cup
  3. Has 21 club titles in a span of 10 years
  4. Has won 2 Champions League Cups with two different Clubs from two different nations
  5. More honours here

If Real Madrid continues to perform the way they are playing this season's Champions League, am sure they might win the title for 10th time & Jose being the ONLY manager to win the Champions League with 3 different clubs.

He aspires to win the Champions League for an English Club. Am pretty sure that he would one day take control of Manchester United when Sir Alex quits.

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