Tuesday, March 26, 2013

~ Sensitize ~

Celebrate Holi | Festival of Colours. Message from the web, media, social media: Conserve water
Celebrate Deepavali | Festival of Lights. Message from the web, media, social media: Don't burst crackers. Save Environment. 
Celebrate Ganesh Chathurthi | Birthday of Elephant God. Message from the web, media, social media: Don't pollute water sources.

How about spreading Vegetarianism during Christmas & Bakrid? That will help end cruelty towards many animals right?

Don't get me wrong, 'm all for this. We all can live in a better world at the end of the day.


True, that Vegetarianism is more of a choice than anything else. As humans we have evolved & practically changed our dietary habits. We do not eat the same kind of food nor the quantity. Best reference would be our Wisdom Tooth, which is absolutely worthless but painful.

Not questioning anyone about their dietary habits nor religious beliefs. Just that I find a bit odd when people in India become sensitive ONLY for the duration of the festival and live the way they want rest of the year.

The subject of water conservation or environments shouldn't be just during these festivals. We  should be practicing those principles throughout the year & across all strata of the society.

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