Thursday, March 28, 2013

~ Touch screen generation ~

A friend posted the - Designing for the touch screen generation—think pop ups - article on facebook.

They are called the touch screen generation. They have high expectations, low to zero patience for static content on a digital platform, and they are the most finger happy group to come along ever. Let’s get ready to design for them.
I have 11 reasons why I am more than convinced that the touch screen generation is very much here and fully engaged with all things digital. Touching comes intuitively. Reacting quickly is the next step. Impatience is the rule. Short concentration spans are the test. And they are not going to grow out of the “touch that screen and get results mode” anytime soon.
Those 11 reasons are my 11 grandchildren—-three girls and eight boys aged 2 1/2 to 14 years. They are my living laboratory. I am the proud and curious grandpa who listens to their requests for “can I have your iPad for a few minutes?“ or, even more daring, “will I get an iPad for my birthday?“.

My observations

It will take a while to go completely paperless here in India. Also observed that many of my friends have read at least one ebook last year. 

Definitely our focus (attentions spans) & patience has decreased to a large extent. The sheer amount of dissimilar thoughts {Updates from - Sports, Technology, Photography, News, Rants, Status, etc } one goes through in a span of 60 seconds, is crazy, if one remains on Twitter Timeline.

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