Tuesday, March 19, 2013

~ India & Internet ~

In the recent past we have seen Courts & Govts issuing directives for ban on content, for variety of reasons. Nazir Ahamed, in The Hindu, has compiled a list of all such directives which has occurred - Like it or not, comment is not free.

Lets not forget the battle which the Bloggers, Digital Media & Press is fighting to handle IIPM striking back.

Despite all the negativity around, can still be optimistic with how technology could be a catalyst in bringing about that change for better world & making things affordable. It wouldn't be an easy road to success considering the numerous factors that are encountered in a country like India, as long as one is determined to achieve their goal.

Mr Eric Schmidt, the Google Executive chairman, has written in the editorial section of today's TOI edition:
"The most striking Indian internet innovations won’t come from big institutions or companies moving online, however. They will come from Indians solving local problems. We know that India’s internet infrastructure allows Indian engineers to solve the problems of small businesses in other countries. If India plays its cards right, we’ll soon see Indian engineers and Indian small businesses tackling Indian problems first, then exporting the solutions that work best."
You can read the full article by Schmidt here.

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