Friday, August 27, 2004

There might be a Psycho in your office.

The first thing that happens when you hear word Psycho is, it would bring fear in you. But if you are thinking tha psychotic person lives lonely somewhere away from the society, and strikes against others only when he falls to depression then you are wrong.

Recent studies have shown that a psycho comes in all shapes and sizes and they are far more than we think. So beware of your colleagues!. Here is the article on "
Here's How to spot a psycho" which appeared in New Scientist.

Here in one more article which i came across yesterday evening and caption goes like this "
Watch Out! Your Smart Boss Could Be A Psycho".

I think by now you would be analyzing about your colleagues/boss whether he/she is a psycho after reading these two articles. Anyway which ways be happy if you have good colleague/boss.

But always be prepared to face them anywhere anytime.

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