Tuesday, August 24, 2004

The people bomb which could explode any time!

In year 2000 when my country crossed 1 billion head count i was little bit worried at the alarming growth of population. Then i thought it doesn't make any sense for me to waste my precious little time i have on such phenomenal issue. But offlate i read 2 articles at the alarming growth of world poputalion, which made me write this one. We account for 20% of worlds population and it every 2mins a child is born, with such a rate we would surpass China by year 2050. It looks like Industrialized world's popultaion is going to declne by 2050.

I think the time has come for the government to make some kind of effort in including something realted to such kind of issues in our education system where the younger genration are aware of this problem and all other issues realted to it. Because i see only if the educated minds can bring the change, then it can be tried among the others.

Read this humorous article on our growing population.

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