Saturday, August 14, 2004

Frustrations in Life!

Is life full of Frustrations? Yes, but not always, that gives me the hope to move.

Everyday morning i wake up and read the newspaper, the frustration inside me is building up. They are so many things happening on which myself nor any other ordinary being who lives in this city can do anything about.

Here are just a few of my thoughts which has been wandering inside my restless mind off late. I think all of us are frustrated with life in one way or the other during our lives. Sometimes we are just mute spectators to what is happening around us. We just cannot do anything even though we are educated. We just have to watch the show which is being played by actors who don't know to perform well in their fields and don't give chance to others who can enact the role well.

I guess u might be thinking now, what on earth am i talking about? Ok let me tell u in brief how & why .....i feel so furstrated.When i read and watch how my dear city where i was born and live in(Bangalore) loose out to other cities in the country just because we are unable to provide good infrastructre;... Frustrated because the way these so called Kannada Film industry take law into there on hands; ...Frustrated because the government does nothing for the students whose careers are taken for granted and there future is in bleak.

There are so many issues which are not addressed properly in this city or for that matter in our country. You may say all i am doing is sitting and writing articles and nothing more. I am atleast echoing my thoughts, some of us just ignore the matter saying that we can't do anything because we simply don't have the power to bring about change. Ok, agreed that we don't have the power to do something extraordinary, but still we can make a difference.

I thought Krishna government initiated BAFT,the private-public kind of governance, which was an intiation. But this present government doesn't even bother to sustain things which was started by the previous government. They just want to tell farmers that they are doing everything for them. I am not against farmers in anyway, but why negelect the city which has built its own image in the world through the good-hard work of the IT industry. Now why put the blame on IT industry, when most of the states' reveneue comes from IT, and why is this government neglecting the city and the industry? Even BAFT is not been encouraged; The Demolition-Man Jaykar Jerome who was formerly leading (Bangalore Development Authority)BDA has done a wonderful job for the city in his own capacity is now moved to a different department. If the government can't do anything for the city, why don't they give the powers to someone who can manage the resources well and give a better Bangalore to the people. As the Times of Inida has been running articles form over 15 days on so many issues, it doesn't seem to make any imapct on the government. Just read thisarticle by TOI.

Forget infrastructre development, they can't even bring some good administration into our Education system. They can't guarantee the future of so many students, who every year appear for the entrance exams for professional courses. They are just passing the buck on each other & the problem is still unresolved for over an year. Again the problems are arising due to some politicians who have their money in professinal colleges. They want 50-50 matrix. Why are they so concerned about money in every god damn thing. Why is the government not doing anything about it and settle the matter for good. Already the issue has claimed a life of a girl who dreamed about becoming doctor someday, but all that went into flames when she ended her life due to uncertainities of this CET(Back).The students' dream turns sourAre there any soultions for this problem either???

Next comes this great Kannada Film industry. I am proud being a kannadiga and born in this land. But when it comes to movies i don't like them because off-late there are no good story lines and neither most of the actors all talented. For many years or decades the So called Kannada Industry has been dominated by one family(You know who i am talking about). This particular family supressed the acting careers of many actors and actresses. So they moved to greener pastuers in the neghibourhood and they have come out in flying colors.Some of the actors and actresses who have moved from here are Late Soundarya, Saikumar,Prakash Raj, Arjun. Now that kannada films are not bringing in any moolah, they are just making a desparate move by trying to get the law of land changed according to their own needs, saying Non-Kannada(Hindi,Telugu,English,Tamil,Malyalam) movies to release their movies by 7 weeks. I don't think these people can achieve anything even if they ban other movies. As the saying goes "Action speaks louder than words", they need to prove that they are worth by producing better movies & not by holding protests. Are u listening Kannada Film Industry??? ReadLost the plot?

These are just few of my thoughts expressed,next time i plan to write one on getting stuck in traffic jams.


Rags said...

1. too political
2. too long break it up into 3 blogs (it,students,kannada movies)
3. abt kannada movies - its height of incompetence. its like asking other runners to run slow just because you cant run fast enough.

Vivek Kondur said...

(i)Hey Rags i know dude it is a politikal. It was always meant to be one.
(ii)Intially the idea was to write 3 blogs and then i was lazy to create 3 posts. Anyway matter is the same so it only depends on the person, which takes his time to read through.
(iii)Even we ask the other runners to run slow, we will not be able to win the race :).

Anonymous said...


I have similar thoughts man... U c so much happening and changing in front of ur eyes that some times u feel like u r guilty of not acting and getting callous to the things around u.

I still cant believe that people failed to recognise the fact that Vajpaye ( at the center) and Krishna had done a decent job.

We need people who plan our infrastructure keeping in mind to accomadate the future requirement and changes.

And i kno it's not gonna happen..and we continue living and feeling like this..untill..