Sunday, August 22, 2004


Finally 2004-Olympics at Greece is coming to an end and India has managed to win a lone silver medal. Hats off to Shooter Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, he broke India's Olympic medal jinx finally by winning a Silver medal for the country.

Call it lack of pratice or lack of motivation or what-ever, we always fail to score at major sporting events. I saw all the matches played by Paes & Bhupathi, they gave everything but still lost in the end. Hockey team was again disappointing and so was weightlifting. I did manage to watch archery where Prasad lost against South Korean who is supposed to best in the world. Prasad came so close to defeating the Korean. But he got nervous in the dying moments that he missed his last arrow from the bird's eye only to fetch him 8 points. Wish him better luck for 2008.

I feel ashamed at the way we have performed this time too, with a nation of 1 Billion people we fail to leave any mark at worlds' sporting events, except for all the attention on cricket. Off-late we have been performing poorly in game of cricket too.

Hope we learn from our mistakes and do better in Bejing which is the next host for 2008 Olypmics.

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