Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Schumi does it for 7th Time.

Michael Schumacher on Sunday 29th August 2004 won the Formula One World Championship title for record-breaking 7th time, even after coming second at the Belgian Grand Prix. This season the Formula 1 body had brought out some radicle changes in the qualifying, with less electronics. All this for making the sport even more competitive, after the domination of Ferrari for last two years.

But they couldn't stop the greatest driver Micahel Schumacher from breaking so many records this year too. In this season, he has won 12 out of 14 races and finish in second position in the other races. And he has 82 victories till today. He has proved all his critics wrong by winning the World Championship again.

It doesn't really matter what rules or changes they bring in, it ultimately comes to the skills of the driver and the team which supports the driver. I think Ferrari has the best team in this season. BMW williams, McLaren Mercedes have barely challenged the Ferrari this time and their constructors point reflect what i am saying. All the challenge that came was from Jenson Button of BAR Honda, J.Trulli of Renault.

Lets see what will happen next season, what more changes will the Formula One Body to make the sport competitive as they say. As always Michael Schumacher and Ferrari will take on those challenges sportingly and prove the world that, they are the best. Three Cheers to Michael Schumacher and Three cheers to Ferrari.

For more details on Drivers Standings and Constructors Table visit the Official site of
Fomula 1.

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