Friday, August 27, 2004

The offsprings of Population Explosion.

Its continuation of my previous blog "The people bomb...". It makes more sense why we need to control the birth rate in this country. It is not late as of now, but will be a serious implication in near future. When i mean near future it will happen in another 3-4 years

Let me just touch upon some of the basic facts which we are facing as of now. Already our cities are getting more and more populated , as people have started moving from rural india to urban centres hoping for a better future for themselves. And most of the cities are unable to handle such kind of rapid growth. The best example i can state is my own city Bangalore where the population growth rate is 38% which is more than the grwoth rate of my country. With the so many Industries (IT,BPO, Aviation,Telecom, BioTechnology, Automobile, Space) blooming in and around Garden City (Bangalore) the demand is more than what can be supplied. The government is not able to do anything.

And the next big catastrope to hit the world in near future would be H2O yeah you are right WATER which is the essential part for all living beings. Portable water is reducing day by day. Almost all the homes in Bangalore pump lot of ground water and have huge storage capacties. And once in a while when the monsoons go bad and we end up in a deadlock with our neghibouring states(TN, AP).

I have just done a breif analysis on one element, but there are so many in pipeline like space, infrastructre(sewages, roads, schools, transportation), power generation. With present state, how governments' (both at Central Level and State Level) are handling these issues with less planning and focus, i feel will cause a major problems for all of us.
I guess this link is an absoultely good piece of animation by GE which tells u a lot about their work and also about the natural resources.

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