Tuesday, December 18, 2012

~ Zeitgeist 2012 ~

Google today revealed their annual Zeitgeist report for 2012. Year on year, as Internet become more accessible to the masses, we see a growth in the number of searches for various things. The numbers are mind boggling - 1.2 trillion searches across 146 languages. 

Considering the 3Q12 of IDC report, we see the burst of Android devices across the world, would have given Google Search more traffic.

Chart: Worldwide Smartphone OS Market Share, 2012Q3

However, the Google Zeitgeist report doesn't share the % of searches originating from various devices or Operating Systems. Am sure that people searching on their smart phones is increasing every passing day. One of the main motivation for Google to keep Android Open-Source, is to push their Search algorithm into mobile devices.

Here are few top 10 searches across people, places, movies in India. Looking at the type of searches made by people, no wonder that the entertainment business makes movies for the masses ;)

To see the worldwide zeitgeist go here. You can view the report as PDF here.

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