Tuesday, December 04, 2012

~ Ideation ~

A very interesting animation from Steven Johnson on "Where good ideas come from". Most of what he articulates are 100% true. Do watch it.

The BIG idea comes from the collision of smaller hunches. Bingo!  Don't have to hide you ideas in a closet so that no one steals it. You gotta talk & share them, before they become a breakthrough.

Ideas need to be swapped & borrowed to bring something new i.e. REMIX. If you still haven't watched the amazing documentary - Everything is a REMIX then do.

Chance favours the connected mind.

Images: Christophniemann | Austin Kleon


5 Dec 2012 :

  1. Paul Graham has a brilliant piece of Startup Ideas - How to get startup ideas 
  2. Rosabeth Kanter: "Instead of spending all your time w/ elites, connect w/ the streets"

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