Saturday, December 15, 2012

~ Indian Metal Fest & Gojira ~

A big thanks to NH7 for organising weekender festival, that overlapped the Indian Metal Festival (IMF). NH7 helped filter all the non-metal heads from this festival, which is good.

According to the IMF organizers this was supposed to be THE metal festival which had lineup of 6 International & 2 Indian bands, playing for about 540 mins || 9 hrs. 

At about 10:30 am, the organizers leave a message on their FB wall stating:

Well, in reality the gates opened ONLY @ 17:30 hrs & considering the strict rules in Bangalore, everything needs to wrap up by 22:30 hrs. That gives only 5 hours of air time, which speaks volumes of the organizers - ORKA & Sweet Leaves.

A changed lineup among the bands, 

Indian Acts

  • Gutslit (Mumbai) 
  • Eccentric Pendulum (Bangalore)
  • Agnostic (Guwahati) 

International Acts

  • Flayed Disciple (U.K)
  • Bloodshot Dawn (U.K)
  • Xerath (U.K.)
  • Gojira (france) - HEADLINER
  • Inner Guilt (Lebanon) 
  • Cerebral Bore (Scotland) - Co-Headliner

Eccentric Pendulum were pretty decent. Didn't know they were from Bangalore who play progressive metal.  They have also played at WACKEN Open Air festival in Germany.

Didn't like Gutslit performance. Then followed the bands from the UK- Flayed Disciple, Bloodshot Dawn & Xerath - in the order mentioned.

Amongst the three UK bands, liked Bloodshot Dawn. 

At 20:30 Gojira took to the stage & performed to the crowd. Joe kept the crowd engaged throughout the performance, unlike the Axl Rose who never uttered a word. They started from their latest album L'Enfant Sauvage & played songs Love, Child, The Art of Drying,  Mario's Drum Solo, Esoteric Surgery, Backbone, The Link, Flying Whales, Wisdom Comes & few more. They even dedicated the song Wisdom Comes to the late Pandit Ravishankar.

The only saving grace of IMF was Gojira. Am happy that they chose to perform in Bangalore. Unlike the other Metal bands who tour (or visit) India during their fag end of carriers. Gojira is currently at their peak & one of the best Progressive Metal bands in the world. Raghu mentioned that Gojira's drummer - Mario, is one of the best drummer of modern metal.

The cops numbering BCP 467 & BCP 3467
Bangalore: Beautiful evening sky
 Flayed Disciple
 Crowd acknowledging the band
The Organizers should "Awaken" :P
 Bloodshot Dawn
The sound engineering console
More controls
 Xerath wrapping up
 The crew of Gojira setting up the instruments
 Wisdom comes

 Joe Duplantier kept uttering Shukriya (Thank you in Urdu or Hindi) after most songs
Gojira were very happy to perform in Bangalore & so was the Crowd :)

I don't think me or Raghu missed Testament performing in NH7 today ;)

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