Saturday, December 22, 2012

~ Dance of Democracy ~

The finger salute is for all those corrupt politicians in our country. {Captured at NH7}

This is what happens in India, when the citizens of the country are asking for better governance by the politicians whom we elected. Rather than doing their jobs correctly, they play at the expense of peoples lives.

We are the clowns of this country to have chosen them to rule us. I call it a Dance of Democracy. Where the Politicians (Ring Masters) who control the Citizens (as Clowns). These guys use money to lure the masses to vote them during the election day. They use all possible means - Religion, Caste, Creed, Economic Disparity, etc - to divide and win the votes of people of this country. This my friend is called Democratic process of electing the incapable & incompetent to the house of representatives to run a nation called India.

I hope we sensitise people when these buffoons come begging for votes in 2014. They pretend to behave like Clowns for a month & then become the RingMasters for 5 years. This is the game which they have played all the time & got away. 

This current wave of protests in Delhi for better legislation, judicial & police reforms against rapists. This I feel is the beginning of a change in the country. It is India's own Tahrir Square at Raisina Hill.

You can watch the massive continuing protests Live 

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