Saturday, December 29, 2012

~ Question onself ~

The media dubbed Falak as “India’s Baby.” Now the young woman became “India’s Daughter.” With the passage of time, we all move on. 

Paul Beckett, WSJ bureau head in Delhi, has nailed it on the head in his article 'How much more can India take?' last two paras.

"All that will take engagement at a time when the overwhelming temptation for many will be to fume on Twitter then mentally withdraw.

Politicians must engage, too. And, if they don’t, they must be punished in the only way that they appear to understand: Removal at the ballot box, where voters have a recurring chance to prove that they don’t forget."

Applies to each one of us including self. As my friend, Anand Patil, says we all are arm-chair activists who live within our comfort zones to have an opinion and speak about it on various mediums - Twitter or Facebook or writing a Blogpost. 

Vjuneesh has a good thought. Contemplate & decide what you can do to make the situation better in life. 

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