Sunday, March 12, 2006

Sports Unlimited!

If you have noticed my blog offlate, two of my recent posts has been on Champions League matches. Well, that's because I am sports fanatic & recently I have been catching a lot of live! action on the tube; I watch different sports & here is the order in which I love them.
  1. Soccer - EPL[English Premier League], Champions League, Italian Serie.
  2. F1 - Formula 1
  3. Cricket - ODIs [One Day International]
  4. Tennis - All GrandSlams
  5. Basketball - NBA
  6. Rugby - Six Nations
  7. Snooker / 9-Ball Game
Now here are some of my favorite teams & players in the above sports.

  • Soccer - World Cup-2006: Brazil, England, Argentina; EPL: Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool; Champions League-2006: Arsenal, Barcelona, AC Milan, Juventus; Italian Serie: AC Milan, Juventus;
  • F1 - Ferrai: Schumi; Honda: Button; Renault: Alonso;
  • Cricket - India:Rahul Dravid, Sachin, Kumble, Yuvraj, Kaif; Australia: Gilchrist, Ponting, Slater, Warne.
  • Tennis - Men: Pete Sampras, Boris Becker, Ivan Lendel, Michael Stich, Andy Rodick, Mahesh Bhupathi, Leander Paes, Roger Federer; Women: Steffi Graph, Gabriela Sabatini, Martina Navratilova, Martina Hingis, Maria Sharapova.
  • NBA - LA Lakers, San Antonio Spurs, Chicago Bulls.
  • Rugby - All Blacks a.k.a New Zealand, England, Australia.
Another 3 hours left for this season's first F1 GP to commence @ Bahrain and I am expecting Ferrari to finish the race with 1 & 2. Let's see how Schumi blasts off & how he handles the young guns who are right behind him on the second row.

Update: Alonso beat Schumi to win the race. Schumi came in second & it was Raikkonen's performance that was impressive; he had a terrible race from day one, due to the technical problems, he had to start from position 22 with a new engine and he managed to overcome 19 cars to finsih on podium @ 3rd.

Another 7 hours to go for the EPL's Super Sunday fixture between Arsenal and Liverpool. My bet is on Arsenal beating Liverpool with 2 goals to 1.

Update: The match ended the same way I had predicted, Arsenal (2)-(1) Liverpool;).

And finally here is the update on 2nd Test Cricket between India and England, Mohali: Day 3, @ Tea, India 1st Innings - 338/10, there by giving India the lead of 38 runs over England.

Update: India won the 2nd Test against England comfortably with 9 wickets in hand. Kumble won the man-of-the-match, he became the first Indian bowler to ever cross 500 wickets mark & fourth in the history of Test Cricket.


Abhijit Kadam said...

F1's gotten off to a perfect start mate (well almost) Schumi has sent out a signal of whts to come. So heres to schumi.... hip hip hurray!


Vivek Kondur said...

Schumi almost had it man...but Alonso was too good for him. One thing for sure, Ferrari is back and Schumi has the right car & hope to see some good races in the near future between Renaults, Hondas, McLarens & Toyotas.

BTW did u happen to catch the final ODI b/w Aus & SA?