Sunday, March 12, 2006

Greatest ODI: Australia Vs South Africa

I am very happy to have witnessed one of the greatest games in One Day International history today. I am not sure whether such a kind of game would ever be repeated between any two teams. Both the teams have put the greatest show in Cricketing History, by playing some decent attacking game. I feel South Africa very much deserved the victory for the kind of chase & gameplan, to achieve this mamooth total of 434-4 set by the Aussies in 50 overs. South Africans with their team effort scored 438-9 in 49.5 ovres to win the Standard Bank Series 3-2. South-Africans have come close on two occasions to win the World Cup, but they lost in the Semi-finals stages due to weird cricket practices. I feel this victory is one of the greatest in the history of the game & they don't have to win a world cup to prove their success.

Many records have been broken in this match & I shall update this post 2mrw on the same.

Update: Tonnes of runs @ the Wanderers


compassioNAT said...

Hey Viv,

You sound like a sports fanatic alright! While i really don't understand the sport nor the team, i quite enjoy reading this energetic commentary. Definitely felt your passion as a sport spectator.

Have a great week dude.


Vivek Kondur said...

Hi! Nat,

If I don't have anything planned over the weekend and there is something happening in sports, I end up watching them. Particularly last week, there was plenty of action to catch on Soccer, F1 & Cricket.

Neets said...

:))) Oh GOd! that sounded like a lil kid going gaga over somethin thats excited him sooooooo much. i am sorry, you have written such appreciation from an adult state of mind, but this is how i see it. I heard the match was great. I could picture a kid just blabberin without stoppin to breath, about a match he saw to his mom, perhaps shes washing dishes. :) sorry again my imagination goes haywire. :))