Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Beyond Shotz

Beyond Shotz - An online monthly photo journal from the members of BSB. I have been a passive member of BSB all this while for various reasons. Photography happens to been one of my passions & this post in particular is my effort to spread the word in Blogosphere about 'Beyond Shotz'. So here is an extract from Beyond Shotz blog, on how the journal took its birth....

"Winter in Bangalore is always a special season. It was on such a cold winter morning in Cubbon Park that some of us associated with the contest met and discussed on "what's next?" Ideas floated around and someone popped up the idea of a photo journal. Everyone connected enthusiastically to that idea and "Beyond Shotz" was born."

Well you would definitely be interested in knowing the 'Custodians' of 'Beyond Shotz' as they like to be known as. What amazes me is the fact that each one of them come from diverse professional backgrounds & its their passion for Photography that has bonded them so much and made them come up with this amazing journal . I am very lucky indeed to be among them @ times, I have personally met 5 of 7 Custodians through blogging & blogger meetings that we have once in a while.
  1. Jayanth Sharma
  2. Dr. Kishore Murthy
  3. Nishant N
  4. Satish N
  5. Sudarshan
  6. Suyog Gaidhani
  7. Venkatesh K
I hope to meet Jayanth & Suyog sometime soon. I thank 'Beyond Shotz' team for having given me an opportunity to contribute an article on 'Bangalore' in their second issue of the journal. I feel honored to capture few shots & compile the history about my city 'Bangalore', what more could an Hardcore Bangalorean like me asked for? I wish to involve myself more with 'Beyond Shotz' and take it to the next level.

I have personally seen the time & hard work put by the 'Custodians' despite their personal commitments, they really rock!

For more information please visit the official site: BeyondShotz


Santosh said...

Hi Vivek,
Always good to have a hobby. Its great that you have photography as your hobby. I am also very much interested in photography, for my personal collection though. Waiting to get a digicam from my younger brother. I would then start posting them all in my very own personal space.

Wishing you all the best...


Vivek Kondur said...

Thanks! Photography is an interesting hobby where u can capture different subjects and those moments captured would live for ever. So when are u expecting one? will surely watch u'r space for them.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

hey vevck,

The link for the site is www.beyondshotz.com

Vivek Kondur said...

Hey Kishore!

Thanks! for the link, I did look upon this one while I was writing. But currently it still navigates to site @ blogger. Anyways, will update in my post.

Neets said...

had read about it from kishore's blog sometime back. downloaded it. sounds real intersting. it will be a nice place to show case many talents. hope to seeyou write a feature in that section where they intro to new people :)

Vivek Kondur said...

Neets, do u really think I could give good intro about a new people? I am afraid I am biased @ times. :D

Neets said...
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Neets said...

ok then , get introd first, pal. then you'l get into the groove.

who isnt biased man?! if your human, you tend to be biased. the point lies in when given a chance, try your best to not be biased. and for the nice guy you are i am sure you can keep the biased part of you at bay. and the reason to why i thought you should try writing in that section is cos you seem to be the encouraging kinds. Well you are definitely capable of more.

well , buddy, you've been tagged. check my blog for details and get to work!