Wednesday, February 01, 2006

II Semester MBA Xams are finally done

Looks like I have started enjoying taking up exams, everytime I complete a semester it makes me feel good. This semester had some pretty interesting subjects Operations Management(OM), Human Resource Management(HRM), Financial Management(FM), Visual Basic(VB), C++ and Oracle.

Enjoyed all the management subjects OM, HRM and FM; as far as technical subjects are concerned they are boring to study & give exams [I would have prefered to have some projects instead of giving exams on the technical subjects]. FM is really challenging subject for anyone, you need to know lot of concepts, priniciples and work on historical data to give an analysis on future of a companies financial status. Last semester had Financial Accounts, had a tough time computing different things like Loss & Profits, Account Recieveables, Sales, Credits and doing the Balance Sheets. In a way I am very relieved that I won't have to prepare for any more subjects on Finance in the coming year. Operations is really interesting subject, where I got to know the concepts What exactly is OM?, Corporate Stratergy, Positional Stratergy, Challenges of an Ops Manager in the Services Industry & Manufacturing Industry, Automation of Operations, Just In Time, Learning Curves and the Various Decisions Theories. HRM was another interesting subject to learn, it covered various functions, roles & scope played by the Human Resourecs Dept. in an Organization. It was while preparing for VB, I realised that sometimes you need to *UNLEARN* few old concepts to *LEARN* new ones. I say that because VB was totally new to me and quite different from Java [the language which I currently work on] or C++ [the language which I used while I was in College]. For Oracle I had to learn/refresh few things. The preparations for this Semester wasn't that different from the last one, started off roughly 3 weeks before the exams.

All the exams went well, hope to clear all the papers;)

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