Sunday, September 19, 2004

Reason behind the title of my blog

Someone recently asked me what do u mean by your title and why have i christened my blog," Thoughts of an invisble guy in a visible world ". Well i would say its very simple, everyone of us in our daily life have lot of conversations with friends, colleagues, parents and off late strangers as well on a variety of subjects. But sometimes it so happens that when we are alone,we still continue to have conversations;but with whom do we have ? is the next question. As i see it,its our Mind which engages in an conversation with the 'SELF'.

Well all these thoughts and conversations are confined with in my MIND and just resides in my Brain. We share some of these 'Conversatons with SELF' with our near and dear ones. And some of us don't. All these years i have been writing most of these thoughts in my diary and now i found this new technology gives me the medium to put down my thoughts on the WEB through the concept of BLOGGING. Well its a nice concept of sharing your thoughts, feelings, opinions with the people out there.

So then i decided to give a title which would convey what i explained in the previous para,"Thoughts of an invisble guy", which is my 'MIND' and i represent that in this Visible world.

Now you exactly now what i mean, and why i choose this title -"Thoughts of an invisble guy in a visible world" - for my blog.

I guess you find a lot of subjects in blogs from bikes, sports, social concerns, and lot of diverse topics, thats how a typical saggi would be i guess:) who has opinions on every topic we come across.

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