Monday, September 20, 2004

Falling In Love........

Well it happened for the second time in my life, this time i never hesitated a bit to tell the person whom i loved. When i fel in love for the first time, i did wait for the right time to come so that i could tell her ,but, then i realised that time never comes to you, i need to make my own way. Well this implies/applies to everything in life, we need to make way for ourselves in what ever we do. Otherwise nothing is gonna happen by itself.

So this time i proposed the girl whom i loved, knowing before hand that she will say no to me. So, you might well be thinking why did i ever propose her when i knew the outcome, all i can say for this is i.e what love does to a person. You don't expect things from the other when your are in love, you only know to give for the other. As they say Love just happens;it happened to me, and i just let her know that about it irrespective of what her outcome was. I have always believed in this saying by Katherine Hepburn "Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get - only what you are expecting to give".

Well u might be wondering why am i pouring out my thoughts now, when it happened almost 6 months ago. Its just that i get nostalgic at imes when i listen or watch these videos of my favorite songs, especially these 3 songs In The Shadows - by The Rasmus, Two Steps Behind - by Def Lepard, Here Without you - by Three Doors Down. The lyrics of these 3 songs are so good that they stir up those memories i had with her and made me write this blog.

I will never forget this saying "Never fall in LOVE, always rise in LOVE". This was said to me by my good old friend with whom i fell in love for the first time, during one of our conversations.

Oops! never figured it out its 2am. I guess its time for me to come back into reality and take a good sleep.


Neets said...

hey that was nice. very refreshing. something people can connect to . well written

Vivek Kondur said...

Reality is always interesting.

Santosh said...

Hey Vivek,
So finally you have let your secret out. Well man, you are very true. In true love, we don't expect, we only give. Right said. I do appreciate you blogging on this very personal issue of yours, which is open to all to view.

Well man, to be honest, even I am a victim of fate like you. But the only difference is we loved each other, but finally I was left out in the middle of nowhere.

Well life goes on......Don't expect, but just keep giving all you can.

Vivek Kondur said...

Hey Santosh!

There is nothing secret about loving a person, you need to be express your love to whom-so-ever openly; there is no point in keeping your love hidden.

I try to keep my life as open as possible:)

I am sorry for what happened mate, but as u said Life goes on and u got to celebrate every moment.

Have fun!