Thursday, September 02, 2004

What we expect from the Government and what we do.

As usual i was on my way to office through Sankey Road. I got signal and stop, and this is what happened during the brief 60 seconds stop. A couple well dressed and educated are sitting in their Maruti ZEN. The male who was in the drivers seat suddenly chucks out a tissue from the car. I do remember the number-plate of the car KA 04 - P 7777.

All i am trying is to make a point, we expect the city to be neat and tidy, on the other-side we are littering the city too. For everything we have learnt to blame others or governement in particular for everything, but from our side we don't follow anything.

If educated behave like this, i guess you can't expect anything from people who are uneducated and they rule our states and Country. As the saying goes "Charity begins at home", we need to set of standards for ourselves and adhere to those. Hope we Indians change someday.


Anthroponym said...

I sincerely hope tht the guy who threw th tissue out reads this blog.


Vivek Kondur said...

Yeah, we have the ray of hope, thats why we are still giving these politicians another oppurtunity to rule the country as they want. Hopefully the guy reads.