Monday, November 12, 2012

~ Help: O+ve Blood ~

One on my friend's mother is in need of platelets as she has been diagnosed for Leukemia and is currently undergoing treatment in Columbia Asia Hospital, Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore. A blood platelet count test is performed every morning and based on the count, doctor advices a blood platelet transfusion or blood transfusion. So, the need might arise any day (today/tomorrow/next week/so on). The blood donor should meet the following basic criterias.

a. Should be of O+ve blood group.
b. Should weigh a min. of 60 Kgs.
c. Should not be under any medication (fever, flu, pneumonia, dengue, etc).
d. Should not have consumed alcohol in the past 2 days (considering the day of donation).
e. Should not have undergone any ear-piercing or tatoo'ing since the last 6 months.

The blood/blood platelets are collected at Columbia Asia Hospital, #26/1 Brigade Gateway, Beside Metro, Malleshwaram West, Bangalore 560 055

Point of Contacts:

Mr. Chidananda.G.K - 9901588995 (Primary)
Mr. Ashwin.B.C - 9880756359
Mr. Chetan.B.C - 9901588996

Request the donor to drop a message in advance to any of the above mobile numbers or to revert to the mail ID: or to

Please share across your contacts and help them have the contact details of donors in advance.

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