Wednesday, November 21, 2012

~ Bangalore Traffic Police & power of IT ~

Am impressed with the way Bangalore Traffic Police has begun adopting the power of Information Technology over the years.
  1. They got away with the paper receipts for booking offences to reduce or marginalize corrupt practices by introducing Blackberry mobile solutions. This gives tracking historical offences & also the fine one pays goes into the Govt coffers
  2. Under the BTRAC 2010 program, they introduced the Surveillance cameras 
  3. Also introduced enforcement cameras to regulate the speed limit
  4. Embracing and usage of Social Media - Twitter, Facebook - for better communication, interaction & management with the citizens, makes a good model for adoption for other cities
  5. They are coming up with couple of Traffic Management Centers to keep tab on the overall city infrastructure. 

Today they have announced that Citizens can now take pictures and share it with the Traffic Police on violations. Am gonna put my mobile phone to good use now. Fellow Bangaloreans watch out, Citizens are now armed. Good initiative by BTP. The Service is called Public Eye.

Not really concerned whether the offender will be booked or go Scot-free, I shall be doing my bit.

BTP Website | Vision (PDF) | Live Traffic Feed (Video)

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