Tuesday, October 30, 2012

~ SEAL Team Six ~

A month ago I finished reading No Easy Day - The Autobiography of a Navy SEAL. Enjoyed reading the first hand accounts of the eventful night and the preparation that the SEALs go through.

Since it is an biopic, the book starts from the author's childhood goal of becoming a SEAL, the journey and the culmination after the OBL killing. Gives a common man a glimpse into the elaborate & much disciplined elite unit. Even though the names of many individuals are pseudo, the events gives an insight into how things work at the HIGHEST levels of power corridor - The Whitehouse. As the author puts it, the decision making goes through a lot of red-tape before getting a green signal despite elaborate planning & training.

The amount of research carried out by various analysts and how it was processed to finally conclude 100% accuracy of the HVT is very crucial to the Operation Geronimo. The secrecy thats maintained throughout the operation from various quarters within the army, till the execution,  is a major achievement for those who planned.

Enjoyed reading it. Looking forward to this one

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