Tuesday, October 02, 2012

~ Character ~

A man's character isn't built in one day, it metamorphosis over time. The transformation isn't magical or by sorcery, rather conscious application of oneself in carrying out an action. Bringing awareness to your daily activities would make a lot of difference to how we deal with nuances of life.

The same can be applied to running a company as well. The trigger for this post, is another good writeup by Cap Watkins.

"Today, more than ever, the character of your company matters. With every decision you make, every feature you prioritize and de-prioritize you’re telling users who you are and what you value. Is your company one that prioritizes internal processes and hierarchy over shipping products? Is it one that puts shipping something over shipping later? Or do you take pride in regular, major releases even if they temporarily confuse and infuriate your users? All companies, including yours, develop patterns like these, both good and bad. Look back and honestly evaluate those patterns and see how they hold up against who you want your company to be."

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