Wednesday, October 17, 2012

~ Holy Cow ~

If someone narrated me Indian mythology with creativity and depth as of Anirudh Sainath then I wouldn't miss a single day reading them.

I came across the Artist Anirudh Sainath this Sep 19th during Ganesh Chathurthi via Nita's post on FB. When I first came across the Ancient History Album of Molee Art page, this is what I had to say then

Spellbound by the art & narration. Check out Brahma & read the description. Am sure if mythology is narrated with the best special effects then the movies - Avatar, Prometheus, Matrix, etc. would dwarf with the amount of science that existed way back. Thanks! Nita for today's wall post., discovered another artist :)

~ Parashurama ~

Today Holy Cow entertainment posted another work of art, on Parashurama - which is from Anirudh. As always I was impressed with the amount of reading & research that has been carried out by Anirudh to come up with his own interpretation & narrate the story. Am totally enthralled by the attention to details in all of his characters.

For Non-Believers, the mythology might be work of fiction during that era. Even if the content is taken as fiction, you will be impressed with the amount of knowledge, science & logic, possessed by those who wrote the texts. The works by Issac Asimov, be it Foundation Series or Robot Series may look dwarfed when compared to the texts of that time. In no way is Asimov's works any less {one should read it}. 

If you are fascinated by Indian Mythology or Art then do check out the Ancient History Album and subscribe to Molee Art. Am sure you won't be disappointed.

Image copyright held by Anirudh Sainath.

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