Saturday, October 20, 2012

~ Petrol | Food | Beer ~

The Vince brothers along with 6 others travelled 40 countries on bikes by themselves without any support. Their daily concerns were only - Petrol | Food | Beer, unless any other concerns occurred. This reminds me of the movies which I came across yesterday One crazy ride & Riding solo to the top of the world.

Hopefully, I get sometime over the weekend to watch them. Post that I can figure out which one of them is better :)

Update: 20 Oct 2012

Finished watching One Crazy Ride. As Gaurav Jani sums it up, craziness is in human mind and spirit, but not at the physical level. Once in a while we need to indulge in something that is crazy. Loved the documentary of 5 friends & their adventurous journey to the remote Eastern part of India - Arunachal Pradesh.

Update: 26 Oct 2012

Watched 'Riding solo to the top of the world'. Unlike the previous Crazy Ride, this one captures the journey of Gaurav Jani and his interaction with the nomads in Ladakh. After watching the documentary all I can say is that the hardships encountered by the Changpa nomads is much more than what we urban mortals experience. Jani takes a note of the belongings of the nomads. Their entire belongings apart from the livestock is very limited.

After watching the solo ride, don't know what to expect from the ride by Vince brothers for Petrol, Food & Beer ;)

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