Thursday, December 08, 2005

Workaholiks: Are they really 'Creative' & 'Professional'?

Advertising is a very challenging field, sky is the limit for harnessing the creativity of any artist [photographer, creative director, copywriter or anyone] who works in the Ad world. But, looks like *Workaholiks* ran out of creativity & hit Google Images for some photographs while doing a portfolio for their client. Maybe *Workaholiks* forgot that reproducing any images/pictures/article/any entity for any commercial gain is Unethical & leads to Infringement or Copyright Infringement.

Here is what happened with Suyog a hobby photographer & blogger. I guess technology helps in Convergence & eXchange of ideas, thoughts and also as Kousik says 'It really feels good when a wide audience appreciates your hard work, skill and patience’. It’s also true to the fact that any resource/data on the World Wide Web is never really secure, by saying that I don’t mean to agree with what *Workaholiks* have done. It all boils down to the individual or the company how they use the technology and the resources available, by giving the due 'credits' to the owners & also being professional.

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